"Ultimate Choice for Quality Seed"

Multi Seeds Company Limited (MUSECO) is a privately owned Malawian seed production company founded in 2014. Our core business is to produce and bulk quality seed for a variety of crops. Multi Seeds Company also undertakes consultancy assignments in its field of expertise.

Multi Seeds Company Limited as its name depicts, has multiple lines of seed. MUSECO prides itself in being able to provide satisfaction to its partners in the seed industry by using a fine balance of technology and practical experience. Our seed range is developed to meet the market’s expectations.

Expert Knowledge of latest practices, technology and seed development is continually intertwined with the essence of crop diversification, climate change, ecological and nutritional factors. Our quality processes and procedures are in line with the standards of the industry. Therefore we aim to provide the industry with the best varieties in a range of crops. Our focus is on selected varieties that have strong adaptability to different growing conditions and a high level of nutrition.

Multi Seeds Company Limited believes that in order to promote today’s global agriculture and feed the masses it is essential to assist the grower to benefit in profit, and well being, this along with satisfying the nutrition needs of the final consumer.

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Ibrahim Benesi
Mobile: +265 999 474 456
Marketing and Communication Officer
Madalitso Mijiga
Mobile: + 265 994 044 444
Finance Officer
Sharon Madanitsa
Mobile: + 265 995 270 757
Technical Officer
Fred Dama
Mobile: +265 993 211 609
Beatrice Semani
Mobile: + 265 997 542 886
Inna Bakali
Mobile: +265 992 166 622
josephy mukoma
Mobile: + 265 999 589 553